Ivanka Trump Is Not The Only Celeb Whose Brand Was Dropped Due To Controversy

The future of Ivanka Trump’s fashion empire may be at risk as retailers continue to remove her brand from their websites. This started happening when Trump continued to work with the White House alongside her father’s controversial administration. It was announced last week that Nordstrom would no longer be carrying her brand in their stores or online and recently, Neiman Marcus has done the same. Neiman Marcus removed a dozen accessories and jewelry from their website. Her line also disappeared from the Belk’s website over the weekend. Now it seems like Macy’s may be the next to distance themselves from the first family. Consumers participating in the #GrabYourWallet movement have turned their focus primarily on retailers that are still carrying her brand. However, of all the companies to boycott her brand, Nordstrom is the only one to release an official statement about the matter.

While it may seem as if the boycotts targeting Ivana are unique, as is turns out she’s not the first celebrity entrepreneur to lose their distribution due to massive public outcry.

After Martha Stewart’s trial and conviction of insider trading, her television series was cancelled and she resigned from the board of directors of her brand in hopes that it could be saved. A few years later her home good brands has problems again when Macy’s sued her line’s parent company and JC Penny for violation of their exclusive contract with Stewart. This caused J.C. Penny to drop the line altogether instead of facing an expensive lawsuit and court time.Ivanka’s own father had a similar experience as well. In 2015, when he was a candidate for President, Macy’s stopped working with him. This happened after his controversial statement, ““When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best… They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgrren said that they have no regrets about their choice and that they continue to stand by it.

Before she was part of the famous “Today Show” duo, Kathie Lee Grifford was involved in a sweatshop scandal. In 1996, it was revealed that the dresses from her $300 million clothing line at Walmart was being sewn by Honduran child laborers. Three years later, two former employees from the brands El Salvador factory said they were fired after speaking up for workers’ rights. They described 11-hour, six-day work weeks where they made minimum wage. Her line was disbanded and Gifford has since pledged her life to dismantling sweatshops.

Paula Deen’s brand also had some serious problems after the famous chef admitted to having used the N-word. Companies quickly dropped her extensive line of products when ranged from hams to cookbooks. Among those stores to drop her line were Sears, K-mart, J.C. Penny and Walgreen’s. It was estimated that the fallout cost Deen millions of dollars in revenue, but she has since bounced back and has created her out clothing line.Ray Rice lost his endorsement deal with Nike after video footage showed up of him hitting his wife so hard that she lost consciousness. After he was dropped by the famous brand, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Modell’s pulled his jersey from their racks and stopped selling them all together.

While there are still many stores that sell her brand, with the pressures of the consumers the number is expected to go down even more.