15 TV Shows & Movies That Creepily Predicted the Future

The following 15 movies and television shows somehow predicted what happened in later years. Check out our pretty amazing ‘prophetic’ facts!

1. The Simpsons predicted a Donald Trump presidency – In an episode set in the near future, 16 years ago, the infamous Simpsons show predicted a Donald Trump presidency. So, basically, the ‘Simpsons prophecy’ came true: fortunately for some, unfortunately for others, Trump just won the presidential election.


2. ‘Star Trek’ Predicts The 1969 Moon Landing – Sci-Fi series ‘Star Trek’ is famous for predicting future technologies, including touch-screen computers. In 1967’s episode “Tomorrow Is Yesterday”, suggested a manned mission to the Moon was due on a Wednesday. Surprisingly, Apollo 11, designed to land humans on the Moon and then safely retrieve them to Earth, was launched in 1969, on a Wednesday.

3. AT&T’s “You Will” Ad Campaign Predicts Modern Tablet Computers – AT&T’s 1993 ad campaign called “You Will” offered various then-crazy tech-related predictions. The campaign claimed one day we’d be able to send a fax while relaxing on the beach. Well, this ‘portable fax machine’ might just as well resemble the ever so popular nowadays tablet!


4. ‘Quantum Leap’ Predicts The Super Bowl Game – NBC’s hit series Quantum Leap accurately predicted a sports game. During the show’s second season, Sam’s watching the 1996 Super Bowl XXX. It’s claimed the “Steelers are trailing by three points.” In reality, six years later, the game took place at the real Super Bowl XXX. The Pittsburgh Steelers played vs the Dallas Cowboys, and trailed their competitors by three points!

5. ‘Spooks’ Predicts London Underground Bombings – BBC’s drama series ‘Spooks’ is famous for its twisting plots. One particular episode predicted a horrendous event that would forever mark London. This episode had been filmed several months before the 2005 London Underground bombings. Its plot focused on an almost identical tragic incident. Some details were eerily accurate, such as the bomb planted at Kings Cross station.

6. ‘Second Chance’ Predicts Colonel Gadhafi’s Death – The 80s show ‘Second Chance’, where Matthew Perry starred before his ‘Friends’ era, debuts with a pilot episode in which the protagonist finds himself at Heaven’s gates, where he encounters a recently deceased Colonel Moammar Gadhafi. In the show, it was stated the colonel had passed away on July 29th 2011. In reality, Gadhafi died on October 20th 2011.


7. ‘Person Of Interest’ Predicts Edward Snowden – Crime-drama series ‘Person Of Interest’ focuses on a vigilante group that prevents crimes before they even happen, via an advanced surveillance system. The first season’s “No Good Deed” episode centers on a young male named Henry Peck, who was an N.S.A. whistle-blower. The character discovers his company is conducting illegal surveillance. After leaking into to the press in secret, Peck finds himself hunted by the government. The following year, Edward Snowden was the subject of almost identical circumstances.

8. ‘The Simpsons’ Predicts Vote-Changing Machine – Back in 2008, another Simpsons episode predicted how a touch-screen voting machine is displayed as changing any votes for Obama to McCain. It was suggested how the Republicans were ‘stealing’ votes from the Democrats, while a similar situation took place in 2012. Peculiarly enough, back then, on the real-life U.S. election day, a specific Pennsylvanian voting machine was taken out of service due to having changed a vote for Obama to Romney.

9. ‘Scrubs’ Predicts Where Osama Bin Laden Is Hiding – ‘Scrubs’ had one hell of an accurate prediction back in a 2006 episode regarding the hiding place of one of the world’s most wanted men. At one point, the janitor says to J.D.: “In my opinion, we should be looking for Bin Laden in Pakistan.” Bin Laden was eventually found by U.S. Soldiers hiding in a house in Pakistan. Creepy, right?!

10. ‘The Lone Gunmen’ Predicts 9/11 – A spin-off of the hit series ‘X-Files’, ‘The Lone Gunmen’ became famous due to one of the most disturbing predictions ever: the 9/11 America tragedy. In this show’s pilot episode a scenario is shown, where the U.S. government is planning to remotely fly a commercial aircraft in the World Trade Center, for the purpose of raising the defense budget. This particular episode aired six months before the real-life tragic events that would forever mark America’s history.

11. ‘Minority Report’ (2002) Predicts Facial Recognition Technology & Personalized Advertising – Spielberg’s 2002 movie ‘Minority Report’ showcased the director’s vision of 2054. Thus, the film predicted the facial recognition technology implemented by the FBI in 2014. Also, personalized advertising came true thanks to most of the Internet ads one sees today, ads made up of personalized retargeting.


12. ‘The Man’ (1972) Predicts the First African-American President – In a nutshell, in ‘The Man’, Douglas Dilman (James Earl Jones) becomes the first African-American man to occupy the Oval Office. In real life, Barack Obama was the first black President of the States, but bear in mind that, surprisingly, this film predicted the first African-American president in 1972.

13. ‘You’ve Got Mail’ (1998) Predicts Online Dating – Back in the day, Tom Hanks’ and Meg Ryan’s characters attempted an online romance, which was a really innovative idea in the late 90s. Currently, we’re guessing almost everyone has tried at least once online dating.


14. ‘The Cable Guy’ (1996) Predicts Google TV and Online Gaming – ‘The Cable Guy’ features Jim Carrey as a disturbed cable guy who, at one point, is screaming in the rain how every American will eventually have a mix of phone, computer and cable TV all-in-one. He also muttered how you’ll play Mortal Kombat with a friend in Vietnam, thus predicting Google TV and online gaming respectively, at the same time.

15. ‘Forbidden Planet’ (1956) Predicts Mobile Phone Technology – 1956’s ‘Forbidden Planet’ is exceptional for two reasons: it beat Star Trek to predicting the rise of mobile phone technology! But what’s also remarkable is seeing Leslie Nielsen having landed a ‘serious’ role.