Cristiano Ronaldo’s Road to Fame

Cristiano Ronaldo is a complete player: strong, fast, not to mention that he can score goals both with his feet and with his head. He basically does it all. Ronaldo is considered one of the premiere forwards to have ever played the game. He’s quite the flashy soccer player, being very dramatic.

He was born February 5th, 1985, in the Portuguese Archipelago of Madeira. Growing up poor in Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo early on showed the world his gifts and abilities with the soccer ball. His parents knew that this was going to be his pathway, a lead to success.

He made such an impression in a 2003 game in Lisbon against Manchester United, that the players urged their manager to recruit him. The team signed Ronaldo for £12 million. He stepped into a situation where everyone was expecting him to fail. But he exceeded his expectations for what he was able to do.
Over the next six seasons playing for Manchester United, Ronaldo became a household name and superstar. He set scoring records and led the team to three Premier League titles and victory in the 2008 Fifa World Cup.
The same year he was also named Fifa World Player of the Year. Amongst all the elite world-class soccer players, Ronaldo has the ability to play at the highest speed with the ball.
In 2009, Manchester United sent Cristiano to Spanish team Real Madrid for £80 million. He was the most expensive soccer player back then. When he left Manchester United for Real Madrid, Manchester United had just won the Champions League.
Thus, Ronaldo had done what he was set out to do. He was ready for the next challenge. In 2011, he went on to become Real Madrid’s top scorer. He also helped the team win the 2011 Copa del Rey, while also capturing the 2012 La Liga Trophy.
When Cristiano’s on the field, there’s imminent impact for winning for his team. He makes other players on his team better as well. However, much focus is on him, first and foremost.
Off the pitch, Ronaldo has been romantically linked to several celebs, such as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. His reputation off the field is that of a ‘playboy’. The fast cars and his lavish lifestyle established his status as a superstar personality, a status for which he’s longed from the very beginning. He basically became a global icon and a brand. Pretty much like David Beckham.

He’s had a handful of sponsorship deals with brands such as renowned Nike. As of 2013, he has more than a whopping, well-deserved total of 15 million fans on Facebook.
As a closing note, Ronaldo is one of the most entertaining footballers to step on the stage of soccer. He was born to score goals!