Will Working Out Cure a Hangover?

Ever wondered whether you can sweat out booze? Here’s the truth and the implications of working out during a hangover for your pounding head.

Basically, the fact that you can sweat out alcohol is true.

According to Indra Cidambi, M.D., founder and medical director of the Center for Network Therapy, which deals with patients with addiction issues, “The liver can only metabolize a limited amount of alcohol, about a 12-ounce serving of beer or five ounces of wine in an hour.”

“When a person consumes alcohol at a faster rate than what the liver can metabolize, the alcohol accumulates in the blood,” explains Cidambi.

Thus, your liver works double tides to break out the alcohol. On the other hand, what it cannot break down will be excreted through your breath, sweat and urine.

What’s real is that you might produce more sweat than usual during these hungover workouts. Once alcohol accumulates in your blood, your blood vessels enlarge. “This, in turn, makes the skin warm and triggers the sweat glands,” states Cidambi.

But the myth that your hangover will be cleared faster once you sweat alcohol is, ultimately, FALSE. According to Cidambi, roughly 90 percent of the alcohol is processed by your liver, while breaking down the booze takes time, specifically if you over-imbibed.

Actually, bear in mind that trying to sweat the booze out might make your hangover symptoms worse. What alcohol does is it cues the kidneys to produce extra urine, resulting in dehydration. Once you sweat ‘like crazy’, you’ll compound the dehydration problem, and it’s likely you’ll worsen your hangover symptoms.

To name a few efficient remedies, what you CAN do, however, to cure a hangover is to either drink lots of water, have a cup of coffee (but remember to also drink lots of H2O as caffeine causes dehydration) and use anti-inflammatory medication (among several other cures).

Cidambi also explained how a single instance of drinking so much you smell like a trashed mini bar isn’t a sign of a problem. However, you’d might like to reflect upon how much you imbibe, once you’re getting whiffs of tequila during your weekend morning workouts!