Why You Should Take Your Date Out To A Soccer Game

Once you’ve started dating and are about to define your relationship, a sweet, original idea would be to take your significant other to a soccer game. Has it ever crossed your mind that there are indeed similarities between dating and playing soccer?

Comparing soccer with dating, there are specific ‘rules’ that you should follow so that the relationship turns out to be fruitful, and reap the benefits of calming down those butterflies in your stomach!

Following today’s story, here are the analogies involved in both dating and soccer that might surprise you altogether!

Meet Me Half Way

The ball’s always on someone’s side, right? Picture this: when you start dating, you basically meet on a blank field, with two symmetric opposite sides. In both dating and soccer, you keep trying to meet one another in the middle, by crossing to each other’s halves.


As tricky as it sound, this rule is the most misunderstood in the world of soccer. Once we compare it to the dating scene, it’s pretty much obvious that what you need to do is play it safe when you get closer to the other person’s goal.

Penalty Cards

The thing with dating (and soccer) is that you get few second chances. Once you want to let your girl know you truly care for her, be wary of her not pulling the yellow card and calling you off. And remember to avoid the red card at all costs, if there are strong feelings at stake!

Extra Time

An important piece of advice: take your time to figure things out (when necessary). Think things through and take advantage of that extra time you’ve been given, use it wisely.

The Corner Kick

According to what we told you, once you decided that you need extra time, make sure your eyes don’t wander around other corners. If, for whatever reason, you decide to move on, at least try not to hurt your significant other’s feelings in the process.


We don’t particularly mean this in a sexual way. What we do mean is that, while being in a relationship, you pretty much want to be ‘all in’ and devoted to the apple of your eye. That could only mean your heart crossed over the goal line. Which is pretty much a miraculous feeling altogether.

Not All Is Fair in Love and War

As a closing note, the concept of being careless and free in a romantic relationship might sound good, but once you’ve acknowledged the above-mentioned basic ‘rules’, you’ll also become aware of the fact that romance, in real life, means commitment, devotion, loyalty and, last but not least, trust.